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Name any artist in seconds

Connecting stars, brands and users with the new artist page redesign.

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Video is king

Tell your fans what matters most to you through video

The redesign strips away most of Shazams branding to allow for your brand to take over. Using a full screen video and 'Pinned' comment in your header, you can deliver your message in milliseconds. New single? Tour announced? Or new product? Make sure no one misses it when you are Shazamed.

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Discovering new artists is what we live for

Use our new shuffle button to auto-play new and similar artists

Why wait till you hear a song on the radio. Be ahead of the curve and discover new music and experiences with our shuffle button. Simply tap the top right, or shake your phone to discover new music.

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Shazam feed cards, like no other

We stand out from the crowd and make way for our artists brand.

The new feed card look is designed to maximize the artists and brands assets, whether video or photo. Share your Shazams, thoughts, or latest singles with your fans and stand out from the crowd.

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Music is the answer

Every song, ranked and playable. Ordered by most Shazamed.

As soon as you land on the artists page, the music starts. Autoplay takes you though their most top ranked songs until you choose one for yourself or switch to listening to their feed.

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Learn everything about artists, new and old

Editable information about everything on the artist

Let your new fans know who you are, spin your back-story, boast your successes, sell your tours. All whilst your music enters their ears.

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Shareable feed cards for every Shazam

Shazam cards are optimized for every platform

Let others know what you are listening to, what your favorite artist is Shazaming, or the latest brands post. Our distinctive feed cards do the rest.

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Brands are first class citizens

This page is not just for artists

Get the same benefits as artists with full screen interactive content, pinned messages and shopping directly integrated into your profile page. Show up in shuffle mode and get your content in front of users.

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What users are saying

"Easy to use, really like the Shuffle idea"

Nicola, Shazam User

"Gives that Snapchat like tactility to Shazam"

Drew, Shazam user

"Loving autoplay to keep the music coming"

Kaspar, Shazam user

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The future of the project

What could have been achieved with more time and budget.