Part 1 of the design process

Understand the problem

Fully comprehending the task at hand is essential to solve it

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The brief

The brief is (I imagine) intentionally open and brief

"Make a proposal to change Shazam's Artist pages. The goal of this page is to allow users to learn more about an artist they just discovered, and ideally help artist build a connection with their fans. For the purpose of this assignment, please assume any element of the page can change so do not feel constrained by the current design, or content types."

What I can glean from this

Creative freedom

No need to stick closely to current brand guidelines, product UX or even technological capabilities.

Learn more and connect with artists

The prime reason for the page's existence according to Shazam. As the authoritative reason for the pages existence, it is important that I cater to this need.

A large scope

With such creative freedom comes great potential. Not knowing whether Shazam would want bleeding edge or an evolution of current trends is the hardest part to decipher.


Limited time

With only a weekend to work on the project, shortcuts were needed. What I would have attempted with more time is covered at the end.

Showing my working

Luckily I have a refined design process and display method (this micro site) set up already from a previous project which I was able to reuse. To see it's previous implication (with more of a focus on research)
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Lack of assets

I managed to find a brand guideline PDF for Shazam, but other assets such as font licenses, icons, logos and artist imagery were harder to come by.


To know when to stop and if the redesign is successful, it is essential to know where you are moving the needle.


Of users

Prefer the design to previous



Users spend twice as much time on artist pages


More brand touch points

Users view brands 1.5x more often but are still engaged


Artist discovery

Users find new artists more often than before

Up next

Part 2 of the design process: Research

With the brief fully understood the next step is to research for potential solutions.